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Paper Arts

Fall Garage Sale Seller Sign Up

Fall Garage Sale Seller Sign Up

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Paper Arts Garage Sale

After you have completed the purchase of the signup you will be emailed (in a separate email) your garage sale number).

Here is the important information that you will need as a seller in the Paper Arts Garage Sale.

Sellers buy a number.  You will mark all of your items with the price that you want it to sell for and your number.  If price and number are not clearly marked then it will not sell.  After the sale, the sellers will get a credit to the store for 85% of what sold.  The store keeps 15% for labor and overhead.  You do not have to be present to sell your items.  You will drop them off on the drop off date and then you are done.  :)  You can choose to pickup any items that may not have sold or you can choose to donate them.  We donate to several local education programs in the community.

 Drop off date for the Fall 2023 Garage Sale is Sunday, October 8th  from noon to 4pm.  I cannot accept drop-offs of items at any other time due to other items occurring and the schedule of events.

How to label your items:

All items MUST be clearly marked with your number and the price you want.  If you are ok with it going half-price on Sunday if it is still here then mark it with red ink or a red tag or somehow put red on the label (even if it is just a red slash through the price).  If we cannot determine the price or the number, we will not be able to sell it.

 We will NOT accept individual sheets of paper.  Paper must be either in bags (you can purchase 2 gallon zip lock bags from Dollar Tree or other types of bags) or they must be in paper pads.  Paper sells best if it is sorted by theme or collection and bagged together as a bundle like that.

Wooden stamps:  Individual wooden stamps are no longer accepted at the garage sale unless they are put in a baggie with other stamps and sold as a bundle. We have had issues with folks bringing in hundreds of loose wooden stamps and the shoppers will not even sort through them or look at them so we have had to change the way they are accepted for sale.

On stamps in cases (for instance Stampin’ Up).  It is recommended that you tape the case closed just for integrity purposes.  We have seen in the past where stamps are removed from the cases and the case put back.  As much as we try to alleviate theft, it does happen and we unfortunately can’t do anything about it so we recommend sealing the case.

If you have items that are going to marked 25 cents or 10 cents, do not mark them half price.  PLEASE.  If you have items that you want to put at this price, consider bagging them together and putting $1 or $2 or something on them.  It moves more items for you and it helps the register guy (my husband). 

Items being sold must be crafting supplies, preferably paper crafting supplies. 

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